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Our Health & Safety signs come in various materials.  Self Adhesive Viny Sticker, 4mm Correx, 3mm Foamex and Aluminium Composite.  All our signs are produced in house.


Self Adhesive Vinyl

Printed vinyl stickers can be applied to most flat surfaces.



Correx, is a fluted material ideal for short term usage, perfect for events.


Foamex/Ridged Plastic

Ridged plastic can be used for both indoor and outdoor use and has a great longevity.  RIdged plastic can be screwed or taped to most surfaces.


Aluminium Composite (Dibond)

Di-bond is very durable and advisable for long term usage, when installing di-bond signs we advise that they are drilled and screwed to walls or use a VHB tape.

ws25228 - Use Hand Sanitiser

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